Free eye ground examinations in TC Forum

On the World Diabetes Day, Klinika Maja traditionally performs free eye ground examinations in the clinic until the end of the year, with scheduled appointments.

This year, in addition to the traditional campaign at the Clinic, on November 14th, a campaign “Look Diabetes in the Eyes” was held at the TC Forum in order to raise awareness of the consequences of irregular controls and poorly regulated diabetes. Changes that can lead to serious complications, visual impairment, or even blindness appear on the eye ground. There is still a large number of people who do not know that they are suffering from diabetes, and with a quick eye examination in just a few minutes, changes that our doctors may notice may indicate diabetic retinopathy or some other illness.

In just one day, 307 examinations were made, in 148 people the changes on the eye ground were observed:

– in 69 patients changes were observed indicating the possibility of glaucoma
– in 53 patients changes caused by diabetes were observed
– in 26 patients changes on the eye ground of different nature were observed

Klinika Maja is trying to encourage people to be responsible for their health, and by regular examinations it is possible to respond in time if any complications arise and hence prevent further development of the disease.

National Course “The Importance of OCT and OCT Angiography in Diagnosing and Monitoring of the Effects of Treatment in Eye Disease”

In order to maintain the high quality and world standards in the treatment of eye disease, “Klinika Maja” traditionally continues with education and monitoring of modern trends in the development of ophthalmology. The course titled “The importance of OCT and OCT angiography in diagnosing and monitoring of the effects of treatment in eye disease”, accredited by the Health Council of Serbia, was held on August 22, 2018 and it gathered around 80 Serbian and foreign ophthalmologists. The lectures were held by seven lecturers with the topics of their specialties, and in relation to the importance of OCT and OCT angiography.
After the lectures, a group workshop was held with socializing, sharing experiences and knowledge, where all the participants were introduced to the OCT apparatus and supplementary diagnostics.
All participants took positive experience from the course, making new acquaintances and collecting new knowledge. As an institution that once marked Niš as the center of world ophthalmology, directing the development of professional staff to continuous improvement, “Klinika Maja” will be the organizer of the next course, which will be held in March 2019.

Dr Maja Živković, finalist of the MEDIS AWARDS

The MEDIS AWARDS is an international award that is awarded for medical research and it is an international recognition for doctors and pharmacists who have presented or published clinical research in a particular medical field at a high ranking congress or scientific publication and work in institutions throughout the region. Dr Maja Živković has just met all the criteria and has been in the final for the field of ophthalmology. Dr Maja Živković was recently 36 and is already the author and co-author of 57 papers published in professional journals or exhibited at both domestic and foreign congresses. The MEDIS awards is awarded in nine therapeutic areas in honor of the greatest medical achievements of the current year. The entry into the finals among colleagues from Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia is an indicator that the doctor from Niš is at the very top of the ophthalmological profession and it is definitely a recognition for one of the two best scientific works in 2017. Dr Maja Živković has recently returned from Antalya from the 51st Congress of Ophthalmologists of Turkey, where she was one of the three guest lecturers, and among them Prof. Dr Wagih Aclimados from the Royal University in England. Professor Aclimados was until recently the president of the European Board of Ophthalmologists, one of the leading experts, teachers and innovators. Dr Maja Živković held a lecture in the field of cataract and glaucoma surgery with the most up-to-date methods. After the lecture, she was given an award for special merits and contribution to the development of the eye care profession. Turkey is the leader in the world’s ophthalmology, a country with over 6,000 eye physicians, and more than 3,000 doctors and experts took part. She is a young perspective doctor of the Clinical Center in Niš, assistant at the Department of Ophthalmology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš. Last week Dr Živković was promoted into PhD when she defended a dissertation in the field of glaucoma.

Niš on the map of world ophthalmology

Dedication, tradition and high standards put CLINIC MAJA to the top of the eye profession, whereby Niš is typed in capital letters on the map of world ophthalmology. Professionalism and care of the eye surgeon team with over 20 years of experience, clearly places the ophthalmological Clinic Maja as a leader in the treatment of eye diseases and eye conditions not only in Serbia, but also in the region and beyond.

The official confirmation of our quality arrives in November when Clinic Maja from Niš will host the international symposium “WORLD OFTALMOLOGY IN NIŠ”. The symposium will be held on 11. November 2016 and it is a program that is accredited by the Serbian Health Council. International cooperation, numerous research and innovations regarding equipment, methodology of treatment and prevention of eye diseases will be presented during the symposium.

In addition to the hosts, Dr Maja Živković and Dr Marko Zlatanović, the symposium will be attended by Prof. Dr Ioannis Pallikaris, who is considered the father of laser surgery, and also prominent professors from the prestigious Columbia University in New York (Prof. Dr Tongalp H. Tezel and Prof. Dr Gulgun Tezel).

Professors from significant universities from Turkey and Greece, a large number of domestic experts, and well-known eye doctors from regional countries will also expose their achievements. They will present expert lectures in the field of eye surgery, cataract, glaucoma, child ophthalmology and many other professional areas.

The interest of the professional public is high, the symposium will gather about 300 experts from a large number of countries. The latest stories and world trends arrive in Serbia, Niš will be the capital of ophthalmology that day.

16th EURETINA Congress – Copenhagen 2016

Retinal specialists and researchers from across the globe gathered in Copenhagen. Copenhagen provided the ideal backdrop to this year’s gathering of clinicians and surgeons interested in the research and treatment of retinal and macular diseases.

One of the participants and lecturers on this prestige Congress was our Dr Maja Živković. Her presentation title was ‘Inner retinal layer changes in patients with Parkinson’s disease’. With great pride we can say that she was the only participant from Serbia and that her presentation was declared as one of the best on the Congress.

Symposium on “Contemporary anti-VEGF therapy in the treatment of retina”

On November 27, 2015, CLINIC MAJA held a scientific symposium on “Contemporary anti-VEGF therapy in the treatment of retina” in its new premises and one of the most modern conference halls.

Our eminent doctors Dr Maja Živković, Dr Marko Zlatanović, Dr Dijana Risimić, Doc. Dr Vesna Jakšić and Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanović talked about the diagnostics of the retina and the mechanisms of the action of modern medications.

The symposium, which was attended by 130 ophthalmologists from south-east Serbia, was held in an educational atmosphere, after which colleagues continued to socialize at the cocktail party in the hall of the new special hospital for ophthalmology of the CLINIC MAJA.

Symposium on “Annual dosage of ophthalmological information”

On April 22nd, 2016, a symposium on “Annual dosage of ophthalmological information” organised by Unimed Pharm was held in Clinic Maja, at one of the most modern conference rooms in the region. Several topics could be heard by our doctors and guest speakers.

  • “Refractive surgery in the light of modern ophthalmology” by Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanović
  • “Cross linking in treating of keratoconus” by Dr Maja Živković
  • “Artificial tears-type, when and why by” PhD Dr Gordana Stanković-Babić
  • “Importance of FAG in macular degeneration diagnosis” by Dr Sonja Cekić

The symposium which brought together about 110 ophthalmologists from Southeast Serbia was held in educational atmosphere after which the doctors continued discussing the newest trends in ophthalmology at the cocktail party in the lobby of the new special hospital for ophthalmology “Clinic Maja”. This symposium was accredited by the Health Body of Serbia.

Doctors of the Clinic MAJA in Athens Eye Hospital

Doctors of the Clinic MAJA went on a professional training in the field of vitreoretinal and refractive surgery at the Athens Eye Hospital, one of the best clinics in Europe. With over 60 surgical interventions daily, the Athens Eye Hospital ‪#‎AEH belongs to one of the hospitals with permanently filled capacities, which gave our doctors the ability to learn and assist on a large number of different interventions. It is the only clinic in Europe that has three different latest ‪#‎Femtosecond lasers. Such equipment is a representative of technological innovations and shapes future trends and development of cataract surgery and laser dioptre removal. Therefore, it is possible to say that the doctors of the Clinic MAJA are ones of rare physicians in Serbia who are fully up-to-date with the trends in the world ophthalmology. Many thanks to great doctors and friends from the Athens Eye Hospital.