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Dr Saša Novak

Dr Saša Novak was born on October 10th 1973.  He enrolled at Faculty of Medicine in October 1992. Received the Charter of the University for the best achieved success in the first year of studies, while in the final year was elected as a vice-dean for student. He graduated with an average score of 10.00 and became a general practitioner.

Master's thesis on the topic "Some biochemical aspects of the eyewash in patients with cataract," successfully defended in 2010. Residency in ophthalmology did at the Eye Clinic of the Nis Clinical Center, in the period from April 2000 to June 2006.

For the purpose of professional training in the field of surgery of the posterior eye segment, spent six months in 2007 in the Institute of Eye Diseases "Prof. Đorđe Nešić "in Belgrade, Clinical Center of Serbia.

In 2003, he attended the professional training in the field of screening of diabetic retinopathy in England, in Birmingham Heartlands hospital.

New knowledge and experience in the field of diseases and surgery of diseases of the posterior segment of the eye acquired in 2008 from the University of  Inselspital in Bern , after which he did another professional training in Berlin in 2011 at the Charite Virchow eye clinic.

As a member of the Serbian Medical Chamber, he had been working as an ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic of the Nis Clinical Center. Since March 2011, he has been working as an ophthalmologist at the Special Hospital for ophthalmology “Clinic MAJA”.

With the numerous national and international publications he gave his contribution to the development of the theory and practice of ophthalmology.