About Us

Clinic Maja is a top eye surgery site not only in Serbia, but also in the region. We are dedicated to excellence in the care of disorders that affect the eye.

To attain a high standard of care, we approach to each patient with utmost consideration and treatment. We use the state of the art medical equipment available globally.

An experienced team of eye surgeons with more than 20 years of experience, led by Prof. Doctor Gordana Zlatanovic, guarantees high-level professionalism and best healthcare.

Clinic Maja recognizes its obligation to serve as a source of excellence in patient care and teaching in Serbia and the region.

Our Mission

Patient satisfaction is the main focus of our attention.

We understand the impact that eye dysfunction and conditions have on quality of life. Clinic Maja provides patients with the most advanced eye care in a comfortable and patient friendly setting.

Our approach insures the trust which our patients put in us in preserving and restoring vision.

We aspire to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

The ophthalmologic clinic Maja Clinic is where you can come knowing that you will receive professional care.

Quality Patient Care. In every decision we make, we will ensure that our primary focus is on the delivery of the highest quality of patient care possible and that we will continue to work to improve what is possible for patients everywhere.

Service Excellence. We want to make access to the care we provide easier for a wider range of patients, expanding our range by making new relationships and alliances. We want our patients and doctors to have the best experience possible in a healthcare environment, respecting the unique needs and goals of all.