Dr Marko Zlatanović

Dr Marko Zlatanovic was born in Nis on April 28, 1984. where he finished primary and secondary school and graduated at the Faculty of Medicine. After completing his medical studies, he got a job and specialized at the Eye Clinic in Nis. From the beginning of his specialization and throughout his specialist internship, Dr Marko Zlatanovic directed all his energy towards Vitreoretinal Surgery, an area of ​​ophthalmology that deals with the treatment of complications in the back part of the eye. During his specialization he was the recipient of numerous scholarships from various European associations for training abroad, so he is a scholarship holder of EVRS (European Vitreoretinal Society), ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons), SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology).

In addition to the associations already mentioned, he is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, as well as of the Serbian Glaucoma Society.

He is the author and exhibitor of numerous papers at congresses in Serbia and abroad. He is the regular participant on congresses of the European Society of Retina Specialists (Euretina) and of the American Academy as well as the ESCRS and EVRS Congresses.
Dr Marko Zlatanovic has demonstrated his commitment to vitreoretinal surgery from the very beginning of his ophthalmic education. He was educated at the European School of Vitreoretinal Surgery in Bremen with Dr Klaus Lucke, he worked at the “Milos“ Clinic in Belgrade for two years and studied with Prof. Dr Ferenc Kuhn, Dr Zoran Tomic and Dr Charalambos Livir Rallatos, world-renowned surgeons. He spent three months at the Clinical Center in Belgrade, where he perfected his acquired knowledge in vitreoretinal surgery with Dr P. Paovic and Dr D. Vukovic. He spent some of his two-month education in Athens with Dr Charalambos Rallatos, where he learned the most advanced vitreoretinal surgery techniques at the Athes Eye Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Europe.

During his education he attended Columbia University in New York with Prof. Stanley Chang and Prof. Tongalp Tezel, one of the world most famous vitreoretinal surgeons as well as the inventors of the most important parts of this surgical technique. During his residency at Columbia University’s Harkness Eye Institute in New York, he worked on numerous scientific research projects and assisted in numerous surgeries.

Dr Marko Zlatanovic went to Columbia University as a fellowship holder of the American Society of Retina Specialists, which allows non-US doctors to study for two months at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and certainly one of the largest and best eye clinics in the world.

Today, although quite young but with extensive surgical experience, Dr Zlatanovic is the head of the vitreoretinal ward at the Klinika Maja. In addition to the Klinika Maja, he is also employed at the Clinical Center of Niš, where he introduced numerous innovations in surgical treatment of the fundus oculi. He introduced seamless surgery i.e. 23Ga and 25Ga operations, after which there is no need for sewing and the recovery of patients is significantly faster. He was also the first to introduce yellow spot surgery at the Clinical Center of Niš. In particular, we would like to highlight the operations of scleral lens fixation in patients who do not have zonular support (lack of material that holds the natural lens in place) that he performs successfully.

Dr Marko Zlatanovic performs approximately 1300 operations annually, of which 500 are fundus oculi eye surgeries and 700 to 800 cataract surgeries. His specialty is surgery for patients with diabetes, as well as medical and laser treatment. Surgical treatment of diabetics is one of the biggest challenges in the eye surgery, but thanks to adequate patient preparation and sophisticated surgery, vision can be restored to many of them.

Dr Marko Zlatanovic also performs his surgeries in Montenegro, where he works as a consultant at the Oftalens Special Eye Hospital in Podgorica, and performs the most complicated fundus oculi and cataract surgeries. He is also an educator for vitreoretinal surgery at the Montenegro Clinical Center.

In his spare time he goes running and is a passionate skier. He ran several half marathons. He is married and has one son.