Symposium on “Annual dosage of ophthalmological information”

On April 22nd, 2016, a symposium on “Annual dosage of ophthalmological information” organised by Unimed Pharm was held in Clinic Maja, at one of the most modern conference rooms in the region. Several topics could be heard by our doctors and guest speakers.

  • “Refractive surgery in the light of modern ophthalmology” by Prof. Dr Gordana Zlatanović
  • “Cross linking in treating of keratoconus” by Dr Maja Živković
  • “Artificial tears-type, when and why by” PhD Dr Gordana Stanković-Babić
  • “Importance of FAG in macular degeneration diagnosis” by Dr Sonja Cekić

The symposium which brought together about 110 ophthalmologists from Southeast Serbia was held in educational atmosphere after which the doctors continued discussing the newest trends in ophthalmology at the cocktail party in the lobby of the new special hospital for ophthalmology “Clinic Maja”. This symposium was accredited by the Health Body of Serbia.