Benčić Peter

Years of wearing glasses are finally behind me. All compliments to the team of the Clinic MAJA.

Andrejić Dragana

I would like to thank the whole team for being so patient and kind. Thanks for everything, now I can see the world much clearer! The goodness you provide shall come back to you. You’re the best!

Srdjan Živković

The combination of professionalism and humanity is comes with prof. dr Gordana Zlatanović. Many thanks to the wonderful staff of this institution, for understanding, patience and honesty.

Ivana Lazović

I can finally drive a car without glasses.

Ćirić Ivan

My happy smile says it all.

Antić Đorđe

10 minutes was enough to make the world far more beautiful.

Stanković Nevena

I would like to jump from joy because this was incredibly quick & painless, and I see everything.

Maslan Maja

I would like to say big thank you to team of the Clinic Maja led by professor Gordan Zlatanović for helping me getting rid of the glasses.

Kitić Mirjana

Now I see as I always wished to see.

Milošević Ilija

A lot of patience and money was spent on numerous examinations and interventions across the region. And when it seemed that everything had been already tried … Clinic MAJA- here in the neighborhood, in our Niš. An immense thank to the entire team.

Pavlović Neda

It is unbelievable feeling to see with your own eyes.

Milenković Marina

Many thanks to the wonderful staff of Clinic MAJA for the help and support that you have provided. You are wonderful!

Perunović Marko

All praise to dr Zlatanovic, professional team and friendly staff; with their help I am on the brink of a dream come true.

Popović Vladana

Total freedom without glasses! My smile says more than words.

Kostić Vaska

Kostić Vaska had refractive surgery at our clinic 15 days ago. Follow up examinations was done in Switzerland, where she lives. Colleagues ophthalmologists from Switzerland sent their greetings to the entire team at our Clinic, with the commendation that the intervention has been carried out perfectly.

Todorović Dragana i Djordjević Nikola

“We are so happy and overjoyed after refractive surgery, all compliments to the entire team of the Clinic MAJA”

Antić Dušan

“Incomparably better vision now than with lenses before the procedure, I would recommend it warmly to everyone”

Dikiz Dime

It took just 10 minutes for Dime to see like never before. “I see much better than before the surgery, I’m very satisfied and would recommend it to everyone”.